5 Things You Need to Know About Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds Sign in Window

Bail Bonds Sign in WindowResearch reveals that an average of 20 people will be held in prison during their lifetime. The chances are that you or someone you know might be held in jail at some point in their lives. The first thing that comes into your mind when you or your loved one gets arrested is ways to get out of prison.

Therefore, it is crucial to know about bail bonds, which can be offered by reliable bail bond companies like Kat Bail Bonds, and how to go through the process. People who get arrested get bond amounts based on their offenses. These facts will assist you if you are dealing with a loved one’s arrest or if you are confused about the issue of bail bonds.

What types of bail bonds are there?

Surety and cash are the most common types of bail bonds. With cash bail bonds, the arrested individual or the loved one pays the full bail amount in cash. A cash bail bond can sometimes be more expensive than a surety bond because the whole amount is necessary for the person to be released. A surety bond, on the other hand, is set for people who have committed severe crimes. It is usually a considerable amount that requires a bail bondsman.

What can you use as collateral?

Bail bondsmen have different rules on things that act as collateral. Usually, any item that is worth a massive amount of money or an asset is acceptable by most bail bondsmen as collateral. For instance, credit cards, vehicles, stocks, bank accounts, real estate, and jewelry are some common forms of collateral accepted by most bail bond agencies.

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What factors affect the bail amount?

The severity of a crime determines the bail amount. However, the judge has the right to increase the bail amount if they deem it fit. The best part is that bail bond agencies can help you get your loved one out of prison regardless of the bail amount. What most people do not know is that the judge can also deny bail; thus, it is not a guarantee.

What happens when you violate bond conditions?

Your bail bond company must set bond conditions before you or your loved one gets released from jail. You will be re-arrested if you violate the conditions, and your chances of getting bail again are minimal. Additionally, your bond agency will require you to surrender your collateral temporarily. The bond company has the permission to find you if you fail to show up to court dates.

Can you reduce the bail amount?

You can file to have the bail amount reduced if you think that it is too high. However, you will need a good attorney to assist you through the process. Contrary to what some people believe, a bondsman cannot help you negotiate a bail amount.

You must give the bail bond company the correct information to avoid jeopardizing the process. Now that you have information about bail bonds, you can make informed choices. You should remember to select a licensed bail bond agency for a smooth bail bond process.

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