A First-Timer’s Guide to Buying an SUV

buying an SUV

buying an SUV

Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) are considered great cars for either individual or family use, mainly because of their engine power, legroom and storage capacity. Many SUV users say these power cars provide better control and handle compared to other car types in any terrain or weather condition.

Individuals who have their vehicles up for car scrappage or recycling service can do well with either a brand new or second-hand SUV. It will serve you well as a second car for the family and will also be great for carpooling. It is an ideal car to drive when travelling long distances and rough terrains.

You can get good deals for a used unit or look for low down payment and easy monthly instalments for a brand new unit. This way, you will be able to get an SUV without spending too much for it. Here a few things to consider when checking out an SUV.


SUVs are bigger than the usual sedan, but they still fall into three categories depending on the size. There is the compact, the mid-size and the full-sized SUV. Bigger SUVs are more expensive, but bigger vehicles also offer the most cargo space.

When choosing a car size, it is best to find something that will suit your family’s needs. If you have a business or are planning to open one, a larger vehicle will be more advantageous because you can lug around more things between your home and the shop and vice versa.

Truck-Based or Car-Based

family with an SUV

The truck-based SUV is sturdier and heavier than the car-based model. Truck-based vehicles allow drivers to tow more weight and give extra mobility when driving off-road. The car-based ones, commonly referred to as the crossovers, have better handles and more efficient fuel economy. They likewise offer more comfortable and quieter rides.

Engine and Fuel Economy

First-time buyers of SUVs should do research and learn more about the vehicle’s engine. Compact SUVs with 4 or 6-cylinder engines are the best choice for those who are interested in getting a compact but powerful vehicle.

According to experts, SUVs with this engine are the most economical and can provide the best mileage for the best fuel economy rank. On the other hand, sports SUVs usually have bigger and more powerful engines ranging from 6 to the 8-cylinder variety.

Cargo Capacity

Whatever SUV model you choose, go for one that will provide you with the cargo space you need. The rear seats should be foldable to accommodate additional load. Full-sized as well as mid-sized SUVs can accommodate as much as 100 cubic feet when the rear seat is folded. Compact SUVs, on the other hand, can allow for about 70 cubic feet of cargo.

Do not wait for your old car to give up on you in the middle of the road. You can buy either a brand new or used SUV from your trusted dealer. You can choose how big, powerful and expensive your new car will be. Rest assured you will have the power and space you need for your personal needs or those of your family.

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