Buy a Ute and Enjoy Many Benefits

Quad bikes on trailer in desert

Quad bikes on trailer in desertWith most utility vehicles sporting an increasing degree of comfort, they’re letting you get the best of both worlds. You can chauffeur your kids and meet your work needs with the need to buy another car.

If you do a lot of driving for work and often need to haul lots of stuff around, you need more than just a car. You need a workhorse that lets you carry all your tools and supplies without compromising on safety and comfort. Emerging car technology allows you to have both of these worlds.

Just grab a utility car and enjoy every moment you’re behind the wheel, regardless of the driving surface. Although such vehicles are on the pricier end of the prism, there are great D-MAX deals to help you with that.

All-in-one Family Car

Back in 1932, a farmer’s wife wrote to leading car manufacturer asking them to make a car that was useful in the farm but could still double up as a family car when going to church on Sundays. The car manufacturing scene sought to fill this wish, and the production of utes began in 1934.

These cars have come along way since then. In most cases, it’s hard to separate where the work car ends and the family car begins. The spacious double cabin rivals any saloon car on the market. You can have just about any interior trimming, including leather seats, a stereo system, or even heated car seats. You can have your family riding in sheer comfort instead of incurring the expense of an additional car.

Increased Safety

Since utes have a higher ground clearance than the conventional vehicles, you will be riding higher in traffic. That means better visibility in traffic to let you make a better decision and keep safe when driving your kids to and from school. High ground clearance coupled with 4-wheel drive capabilities enables you to access your offroad sites without breaking a sweat or getting stuck.

Group of people at the back of a pick up truck having fun

You’ll no longer need a tow service on speed dial as you tackle rough roads with relative ease. In most cases, you’ll have a choice between a 4×4 or a 4×2, the difference being the ability to engage all or two wheels. If you don’t do much offroad driving, a 4×2 makes the best option as it comes at a lower price tag.

Large Storage Space

With utes, you can pick your kids from soccer and hockey practice without worrying about storage space. These range of cars have large storage capacity compared to the standard vehicles. For work, you can ferry most of your materials, supplies, or tools for every job to save on time. Best of all, you can customise the tray to fit your needs. If you’re continually lugging a set of expensive tools, go for a lockable bin and keep them safe. Alternatively, you can opt for storage compartment for your smaller devices. If you ferry large items, you can go for an overhead board and maximise your load capacity.

If you’re thinking of getting a new car for work, utility vehicles make the best choice. These range of cars combine the best of both worlds to give you a ride that meets your work and family needs.