Buying a Home: What Are the Things You Should Never Compromise?

Planning when buying a homeOne thing you’ll realise when you’re already deep into house hunting is there’s no such thing as a ‘perfect’ home. There’s not one property that would tick off all your needs and wants, so you would really have to compromise. Perhaps you might need to settle on a slightly smaller kitchen or the absence of a huge yard. However, keep in mind that there are some things worth sticking to.


Particularly, a location near a good school. This is a non-negotiable because location would greatly affect your lifestyle and your social circles. With a school nearby your home, your kids can walk or bike to their campus, cutting back time spent on the road. This will help them to focus on more productive things, like playing with fellow children or helping in household chores. At the same time, it saves you money on transportation costs.

But then, even if you don’t have kids or aren’t planning to have one, location near a good school still matters. Most properties in a school district tend to have higher resale value. So, you’re investing in a home that could give you good money in the future. Do check out the house and land around Derrimut, Victoria, and you might just find a home that’s only a few minutes’ walk from a top-notch school.

Things to mind when buying a home

Floor Plan

The number of bedrooms and layout of the home should be exactly what you need and want, precisely because this dictates how you’ll be able to use the space. One bedroom less than what you need, of course, would mean one person not having their own space.

And going for an open floor plan concept instead of the closed you originally needed would mean not having as much privacy as you would want. Of course, there’s always the option of adding a guestroom or a nursery room or knocking down walls later, but note the hassle and the costs of that kind of renovation. Go stick to the floor plan on your list. There’s a good reason you’ve envisioned your house to be that way, so hold on to that vision.


Don’t inspect only the property you’re eyeing. Make sure to look at the neighbouring homes as well. Are they well maintained? Or do they need a serious makeover? The appearance of the properties near your target home would have a big impact on your house’s resale value.

Do observe the attitude of your future neighbours as well. Is there a spirit of social connectedness in the community? Or are the people aloof to one another? One good way to measure this is to look for neighbours hosting barbecue parties. This is a classic sign of a close-knit neighbourhood.

Buying a home is a deal that would require compromises, but it’s important to know which you should stick to. Note your non-negotiables. Commit to them. Watch out for them when you do your house hunting. This way, you’ll be sure to have a home that’s just right for you.

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