Can You Be the Best Building Manager?

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Buildings require constant supervision. Many things are going on in a building that needs to be handled properly or it will decline quickly. This is why the job of a building manager is so important. You’ll want to be able to ensure your building functions at its best so here are a few tips on how to do that:

Update Everything Frequently

Things break down. If your building is older than five years, there will be part and components that will need to be updated. This can range from the lighting to the HVAC system. Your building’s tenants will appreciate all the upgrades that you install. For example, if you don’t have LED lights, then getting LEDs is a significant change. The lights are brighter, and the electricity costs will be lower.

The essential upgrades are the parts that are decades old. This is because technology progresses so quickly that ten years of improvements is a significant improvement and worth the upgrade costs.

Run a Regular Audit

Regular tests of your building systems are essential. This allows you to identify if there is anything wrong or if a system is not performing as well. Testing, adjusting, and balancing the various systems in buildings in Portland, Oregon, and nearby areas is possible with the help of third-party companies. This is easier than doing it yourself. Plus, these companies often create reports that are clear and complete. This will allow you to better target systems that need fixing and upgrading.

Be Proactive

Big problems start with small ones. This means that if you catch them early, you will be able to resolve issues before they can devastate your building. This is why actively looking for problems to fix should be a habit. Go out of your way to identify any small complaints or issues so that they can be fixed before they bloom into a more significant problem.

Besides this, preventative maintenance can be part of being proactive. It is imperative that you do it every year. Set aside a period when you will run through your systems to clean them up and have them tuned up for the coming year. This ensures that your systems are in excellent condition.

Have a Team

You can’t do maintenance on your own. You will need a team, especially if the building you are managing is large. Have a team always on hand so that any problems will have a response team ready. Additionally, with more hands helping you, maintenance duties and inspections are much easier.

Properly Operate Your Systems

man checking the building's system

Always know how to use your building’s systems properly. For example, if you’re not using heating, then it is best to keep it off. You will also want to know how to activate them and deactivate them properly. This ensures that they don’t get damaged. Additionally, proper usage ensures that there is a lower chance of them breaking down.

The tips above should provide you with an excellent foundation on what practices you should implement for better building performance. Building maintenance is an ongoing job, and you need to make a habit of some practices so that they will be continually applied. Do the right, and they will become easier to do and contribute to your efforts.