Condo Etiquette: 3 Golden Rules to Be a Good Neighbor

Woman stretching

Woman stretching

Many people complain about their neighbors being bad residents without thinking of how they are as a neighbor themselves. It’s simply ironic (not to mention, hypocritical) to rant about other people’s loud music when you can’t keep your friends’ voices down when you’re playing video games late at night. 

Before you seek out good neighbors, you should be a good neighbor yourself. Proper etiquette is especially important in condo living arrangements, as homes are just separated by mere walls and you share different facilities with other residents in the complex. That said, follow these golden rules of etiquette to build better relationships with your neighbors.

Maintain the peace and quiet

Noise is the most common cause of resident complaints and neighbor disputes in condos. If you don’t want to get reported or confronted, keep the noise down, especially at night when people are already asleep. Avoid late-night partying. All the chatter, the blaring music or karaoke, and the stomping and dancing of your friends will only create inconvenience for your neighbors. Imagine that being done to you. 

If you have children, it’s inevitable to have tantrums erupting on some occasions. Manage it immediately. Reduce their stress. Let them eat or sleep, or ask them directly what makes them upset. The bottom line is to keep the peace and quiet at all times. If you’re planning to move to a more private complex, though, you may want to check out Sucat condos for sale and communities that make it easy for homeowners to maintain the peace and quiet.

Be conscious of shared spaces

Take special note of the fact that outside your unit, everything else is shared by other residents. Give courtesy to people who are also using facilities. For instance, in hallways, don’t leave your trash outside. Keep them indoors until garbage collectors get it.

The last thing residents in your floor needs are unpleasant smells and unsightly stuff at corridors. When using the elevator, keep down your voices and the music from your phone. Give special priority to children, pregnant, and the elderly. When spending time at the pool, leave nothing behind. Take your litter, slippers, and children’s floats and goggles with you. Report to the condo admin any broken equipment or furniture in the pool area.

Keep an eye on children and pets

Dog with leather leash

Train your kids how they should behave in certain areas of the condo complex. For instance, tell them they could explore and play when they’re in parks and swimming pools. In the building’s reception area and corridors, however, they should be a little quieter. 

Explain to them that you want to respect your neighbors’ space, that’s why you’re doing this. Of course, don’t forget to look after your pets too. Although some condos allow residents to have their pets roam around shared amenities, it’s important that you clean up after your furry friends' pee or poop. Consider adding soundproofing materials on your unit too if your pet tends to bark a lot.

Again, proper decorum is most crucial in condo settings. Keep a good relationship with your neighbor by being a good neighbor yourself. Remember these basic etiquette rules for better condo living.