Cycle Shelters: Why You Should Install One

bike shelter with multiple bikes parked

People use bikes for plenty of reasons, from helping the environment to cutting on transportation costs and promoting a healthy lifestyle. This is why a shelter or storage shed is what they need the most. It helps protect their little mode of transportation from outdoor elements, making them need fewer repairs and last longer. Here is why you should have this type of shed in your area:

The Obvious Benefits

One of the common benefits of cycle shelters is the protection they give to bikes against UV rays. Everyone knows how harmful UV rays can get. The thing is it is not only harmful to people, but also to tangible things like bikes. Though bike racks are common in many places, they cannot give the same protection bike shelters could provide.

Schools that install bike shelters show that their faculty members and students mean a lot to them. Cycle shelters for schools are helpful since many students and even faculty members go to school in bikes. Installing this, plus providing locks, allows them to have peace of mind that their belongings are well-protected.

Aside from that, having cycle shelters makes any place aesthetically appealing. It can turn any school beautiful because it comes in amazing designs. To add, this shelter promotes organisational skills since the bikes are placed strategically. You will not see any disarray when there is bike storage in the vicinity.

Bikes lined up on the parking space

Cycle shelters protect bikes against the harsh weather. It is a good addition to any establishment. Adding one gives students (and their parents) peace of mind that their belongings will not be exposed to elements that lead to wear and tear.

Installing cycle shelters can encourage people to leave their cars behind. Cycling is a healthier way to travel. Whether you are an employee, a parent, or a student, cycling is good for you. Aside from that, leaving your car behind means that there will not be problems with parking. Some schools have limited parking space. Using bikes promotes maximum use of limited spaces.

Other Things You Should Know About Bike Cycle Shelters

The installation of cycle shelters in schools limits the use of cars. In the long run, the less you use your car, the more you save on fuel. That means you not only save money, but you also help save the environment.

Cycle shelters are not your usual bike racks. They are more visually appealing. Bike shelters are also easy to install. Some need to be installed by professionals while some, you can install on your own. The visual appearance of bike shelters is important in any setting because this encourages people to use their bikes instead.

Using cycle shelters sure has its advantages. Aside from making any parking space look amazing, the protection it offers is undeniable. Whether you are a teacher, a school owner, a faculty member, a parent or a student, know that the benefits of having bike storage in the school premises are helpful. If you have not installed one yet, consider putting up bike storage now.

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