Decor Ideas for Lighting Up Narrow Hallways

Home's entrance hallway

Interior spaces are far smaller than they were in the past. The shift has not only been occasioned by the focus on outdoor living but also the need to minimise indoor clutter as much as possible. There is nonetheless a delicate balance between a functional, warm and inviting atmosphere for your home that is quite hard to achieve.

One of the spaces in your home that can be transformed from simple ones to inviting ones that generate the right environment for you and your guests is the hallway. The hallway is usually left to stair contractors to pick the right design that will transform your entryway and get you to the upper floors.

The hallway, however, needs more than the right staircase construction to generate the best look for your home and turn it from a simple and dark space into a design statement. The following are the design alternatives for lighting, opening up and transforming a narrow hallway.

Open It to Natural Lighting

The addition of natural light into your hallway can transform it from a dreary to a cheerful one. You can swap the front and back doors for glazed ones rather than the solid ones common in most homes. Period properties can opt for stained glass panels from their era.

You can also have a dome-shaped skylight if your ceiling in the hallway runs to the roof. These alternatives allow you to maximise the natural lighting wafting to your interiors and open your hallway.

Pick Open Stair Treads

Open stair treadsTraditional staircases make your hallway look closed in and sometimes cold. The best choice is to ditch them for a staircase with open treads. You can have hidden supports for the treads or central strings that make them look like they are floating.

The open treads will maximise light flowing through them and cast shadows across your hallway that will open it up. You can further choose to have glass or sparkling steel treads rather than wood to reflect light.

Streamline Your Under-Stair Storage

Storing too many items in your hallway will make it seem narrower than it ordinarily is even if you keep them well arranged. You can have bespoke drawers and cupboards tailored for the redundant space under your stairs to maximise the hallway storage.

The storage alternatives can be stacked in increasing heights so that they dovetail under your staircase’s slope. Installing heavy-duty runners for the drawers will allow easy access to things that are stored at the back.

Stick to Neutral Colour Schemes

The right colour scheme can open even the narrowest of hallways. Maximise the illusion of a spacious foyer with white walls, large mirrors, and furniture that blends in with a neutral colour scheme. Blacks, whites, greys, and at times browns are the neutral colour alternatives you can pick for your hallway.

The hallway is the first area people will access in your home. You should thus ensure that it gives the right look of what guests can expect of your home. With these ideas, the hallway will create an illusion of maximum indoor space and make your home look inviting and warm.

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