Design Hacks to Make Your Tiny Bathroom Feel and Look More Spacious

Bathroom interior

Most homeowners dream of soaking in a huge tub after a day’s work, having two sinks on a wide vanity, and perhaps a comfy chaise for relaxing in their spacious bathroom. The reality is that not everyone has enough bathroom space to fit all that.

You can, however, make use of all the available space in your bathroom by employing these clever landed house interior design strategies that will make the bathroom look bigger than it actually is.

Go All the Way White

Among the easiest and straightforward ways to make a space look larger is to use tons of white: white paint, white tile, white fixture and white vanities, among others. White naturally recedes so your bathroom space will look larger.

It can likewise reflect light instead of absorbing it, lending more visual space to your bathroom.

Take the Minimalist Route

If you’re not keen or don’t really need or want more storage in your bathroom, opt for a smaller vanity so you can have more open space instead of trying to cram a huge vanity that will just eat up space. Plus if your tub or toilet is located near the vanity, you will definitely appreciate this additional open space.

Consider Tone-on-Tone

bathroom design concept

If you don’t fancy a white bathroom, you could still get that breezy and spacious effect with a colour palette made up of the similar tones. Select a great tile and then look for a paint colour that will pick up the hues in the tile.

Install a Massive Mirror

A large mirror could instantly double your space, visually speaking, that is. You can look around for a huge mirror with an interesting frame or have a custom piece made that will span an entire wall. A gigantic mirror could be particularly effective in tiny powder rooms with slim walls because you don’t need to cover that much wall space.

Bathe the Space with Light

Good lighting is immensely vital to making your bathroom feel and look more open and spacious. The key is to employ a smart lighting scheme with various lighting sources in different locations. For example, a lighting setup that includes a lighted mirror, sconces and strategically placed ceiling lights would help you avoid shadows and make your bathroom feel roomier.

Swap Your Shower Curtain for a Glass Panel

Installing a glass panel instead of good old shower curtains will make the space’s entire square footage more visible and larger from all angles. If you are not exactly keen on showing your bits while showering, you can opt for a tinted or frosted glass panel that will still enable ample light to pass through, but not expose you while showering.

While having a tiny bathroom means that you should save your dream of having a massive, freestanding tub for another day (or house), it does not necessarily mean that you should resign yourself to using a cramped bathroom forever.

Follow the tips suggested above to make your tiny bathroom look and feel more spacious without having to sacrifice style.