Don’t Go Cray Cray: 3 Steps to Get Your Dream Home Without Going Nuts

Realtors holding keys and house paper

Realtors holding keys and house paper

A new home marks an exciting milestone in life. But before you get to it, there’s the long, winding road of stress, obstacles, and drawbacks. In short, it can quickly drive you crazy. Nonetheless, there are ways to tame these ‘crazies’, and come out of this long journey with your sanity intact. Keep in mind these steps as you find the right home for you:

Create a non-negotiables list

It’s easy to get caught up with the fanciness and extravagance of home amenities featured in your favorite celebrity vlogs if you don’t have a reference guide what exactly you need in a home. Next thing you know, you’re disappointed you can’t have this or that given your budget, or regretful at the big purchase you mindlessly made. Before you go to open houses or unit viewings, discuss with your spouse as early as now what are your essentials in a property. This should at least include the number of bedrooms, the location, the type of layout, and the availability of outdoor space. Agree on the exact specs of these details and get it on paper. As you visit homes, filter out those that don’t check your non-negotiables list. No questions asked. With this, you won’t be stuck in decision dilemmas, driving you crazy whether it’s a ‘good’ house or not. A ‘good’ house, remember, is the one that ticks off all your needs.

Take notes in your visits

For sure, you won’t remember every little thing you’d see in the homes you’d visit. After 4 or 5 houses, you’d jumble the details in your head, not knowing which condo unit has the fancy infinity pool and which has the breathtaking view of the Manila Bay. Yes, you can always refer to the flyers given or ask the agent, but do you really want to keep that many flyers and phone the agent now and then? Of course not. You don’t need that hassle in your already-crazy home hunting. This is the reason it’s highly recommended that you take notes on your visits. What should you keep an eye on? One, your perception about the home size. This will help you gauge if the space is enough for you. Two, your first impressions. Is it welcoming? Do you imagine yourself living in this space for years? If you feel at home, the property might be worth considering. Consider checking out a condo for sale at The Vantage in Kapitolyo which Pasig-based property developers offer, and you might just find yourself at home in the unit.

Save, save, save

Couple saving money
A new home is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. It’s inevitable to worry about the what-ifs, ‘what if we don’t get approved for a loan?’, ‘what if we can’t pay up the monthly payments’, etc. Overthinking is the surest way to go nuts when buying a home, so stop it in its tracks. What you should do then is be financially ready. Save up. Learn about the costs of purchasing and owning a home so you can determine how much money you have to put away to cover those. The trick in hitting your target savings fast is to get a side hustle. Explore your hobbies, and see if you can make money out of it. Try online jobs as well. As you generate more sources of income though, don’t fall into the trap of spending more. Postpone those fancy dinner dates and shopping splurges until you get the home of your dreams.

Don’t Go Cray Cray

It’s a wild ride of emotions and worries when you’re trying to get the home of your dreams. Nonetheless, it’s possible to come out of this experience with your sanity in a good place. Just remember the mentioned tips.

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