Everything You Need to Know About Sandwich Meats

sandwich meal

sandwich mealSandwiches are the ultimate fast food — they are easy to make and are savory, as long as it has the right ingredients. Unfortunately, picking the wrong meats can make an otherwise healthy meal into a disaster, and you do not want that for your clients. As a business, your primary duty is to serve your customers with fresh and quality food, prepared in the best way possible.

If you want to franchise sandwich shops, you have to learn how to make sandwiches that your customers cannot have enough of. To do this, you have to get the right meats and the pair them with the right ingredients. Here are four ways to make your cold cuts tasty:


Turkey is delicious and is bound to make any sandwich delicious. How can you make this thin slice even better? The trick is to toast the breast meat evenly under moderate temperatures so that it cooks slowly. The meat should not be stored for more than two days or otherwise, it loses freshness. Even then, it should be refrigerated in airtight containers. You can serve turkey sandwiches with barley bread or other special pieces of bread and garnish it with tomatoes, mayonnaise, cream cheese, and garlic and cranberry sauces. Customers who prefer traditional servings could love the meat on white bread.


Ham that is found in most delis today is usually cured. That is, before roasting, the meat will be soaked in sugar and salt solutions. This process makes the final piece to be juicy and moist. This is a good thing for taste, but it means that the product has a low shelf life. Due to this, ham must be consumed up to three days after purchase. To make the best sandwiches with ham, use white bread and play about with ingredients like Gouda cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and seeded mustard.


Salami is a cured sausage loved for its hot varieties. To make sandwiches with salami, make sure that the pieces are thinly sliced. You do not have to pick salted salami if you want to achieve a specific taste with your sandwiches. Numerous stores sell cured salami made from veal, pork, or beef. Use within two days of slicing. The key to hacking salami sandwiches is vegetables like baby spinach, capsicum, and lettuce. You can also work with goat’s cheese, pesto, and onions when working with cob bread.


raw chicken

Chicken is delicious when it has been steamed and pressed. It will need to be stored carefully, though, as chicken easily picks up smells from other foods. A good practice is to buy just enough chicken breast to serve customers within the day. Should any of the meat carry over, it can be used up to a day after refrigerating in airtight containers. The best chicken sandwiches have avocado, mayonnaise, lettuce, mango chutney and cucumbers on wholemeal bread.

Making perfect sandwiches will take practice. You may have to try different combinations before you can get an arrangement of ingredients that produce the taste you are going for. However, do not take a risk with the meats. If you are not sure about their freshness, it is best to make a new order.

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