General Safety: Keeping the House Safe for Your Kids

Having a safe envioronment for the family

Having kids warrants a safer house. Kids are, in nature, curious so they’ll touch and sneak in whenever they can. It’s up to you to keep their environment safe. You can DIY plenty of things to keep your house safe, for instance. You can even choose cavity slider doors if you’re looking for unique styles that don’t compromise aesthetics and safety. For everything else, here are some ideas to keep your house safe for kids:

General Safety

As mentioned, kids like to poke their heads in prohibited places. One of the first things you should do is to ensure that your locks are functioning well. Some people like to use doorknob locks or covers. It can secure the doorknob so that kids can’t enter or leave a certain room.

Watching out of the windows earns you an A+ in parenthood. Young kids may be tempted to look out of the window. The problem is when they go down stumbling out. They can hurt themselves badly. If you’re going to leave the window open, make sure you only open up to three inches. Use a window guard, especially when the window is low. Aside from that, use cordless window blinds because the ones that have cords can strangle them.

When it comes to the kitchen, use a gate. This will hinder kids to come in and touch something they’re not supposed to. To be safe, lock the dishwasher when not in use and keep the microwave oven out of reach. To add, you can take away the stove knob when not in use.

Additional Precautions

Keep chemicals like dishwasher detergents out of reach. You can also use a magnetic lock or a strong lock that kids can’t manipulate to keep those chemicals where they belong, especially when the cabinet is low. You can also do the same for your bathroom, which holds chemicals like aftershave, shampoo, etc.

When bathing kids, be sure to test the temperature of the water. Set it to 120°F. Don’t just put the kids in the bath. It’s common for kids to get scalded so better be careful on this one.

Kids falling down the stairs or from pieces of furniture are a parent’s nightmare. Avoid that by putting baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. You can also make DIY cushion covers for table edges and other corners around the house so that your kids won’t bump themselves.

Other Important Details

a girl is smiling in the play house window.

If you’re planning to renovate soon, better take good measures. With renovations come risks of toxic particles in the air. These can harm the development of your kids. Due to that, you should hire professionals who can remove harmful materials as soon as possible.

Lastly, get rid of household pests by using natural pesticides. Avoid chemical-laden pesticides because they can harm kids and even adults. These pesticides can lead to cancer and neurological conditions so avoid them if you can.

Keeping the house safe for kids is like an adventure. You get better as you try new things to keep them protected. In a way, you also protect yourself. Just remember that you’re doing this for the kids so that they can be healthy and safe.


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