Home Design: What Are the Trends for Outdoor Spaces?

Not everyone is lucky to have an instant, beautifully decorated garden in their property. But with all the resources available online, building one in your home is completely possible.

This year is all about the mixture of architectural style and function. Although we are already halfway through the year, it is still not too late for you to consider the following trends for your home garden.

Here are some of the best ways you can beautify your outdoor space.

Summer vibes

Everyone is now living such a hectic life that it is becoming more and more challenging to squeeze in some time to relax. So, designers suggest creating your own summer space right in the corner of your backyard.

One ideal option is to build a patio with insulated roof panels in your Brisbane home where you can lounge during your free time. To emphasise the look, choose colours that will surely stand out. Go with pops of colours in your rugs, pottery and pillows.

Staycation at home

This year is also all about having that vacation-like feeling even when you are just at home. You actually do not have to go somewhere far to experience the resort vibe you are longing for. Whether your idea of a vacation is a summer beach house or cabin retreat, there is always an option available for you.

Indoor-to-outdoor looks

Outdoor space with view for gatherings

Another trend that is popular nowadays is flipping aesthetics. People love the idea of bringing the indoors out into the open. Aside from the front porch, the notion of indoor-outdoor living has also found its way to the exterior part of the house.

Having large doors that open to a back porch, for example, is an excellent way to create a seamless flow between the interior part of your home to the outdoors. Having wide entryways also provides an expansive view of the interiors of your house while giving it complete access to the patio.

Green living

This year, everyone is entirely in love with potted plants. These small pots of greens give any space life while making it look warmer and more welcoming. They also help promote better air quality in homes.

You can place them in your home by hanging them in wall hooks to help freshen up the air. You can also keep them gathered in small clusters for tabletop decor. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to plants.

A diverse selection of materials

More and more homeowners are getting drawn to beautiful facades that use mixed materials. Anyone can get creative and innovative when designing their outdoor space.

Aside from using metallic materials, many are also mixing in natural materials, such as wood and rattan. They also use accent metallics, such as copper vases and gold lanterns, to give it a chic look.

Designing your outdoor space can be fun and tedious at the same time. What is essential here is that you build one that will make you feel relaxed and comfortable whenever you stay in it.

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