How Much Should You Spend in California to Install Metal Handrails?

Staircase in building with metal handrail

Staircase in building with metal handrail

Residents in California who want to install wrought iron railings may need to spend $2,600, which is the national average rate for this year.

Most people should expect the actual price to vary from as low as $700 up to $4,600. Your location will affect the actual price.

For instance, the price of installing a wrought iron handrail in Beverly Hills could be more or less expensive than the U.S. average. The cost of materials is another thing to consider for installation, though. Expect the price to range between $50 and $120 per linear foot.

The Cost of Materials

Simple installations like staircase railings may cost up to $70 per linear foot, although this only lets you use plain metal. Homeowners still achieve the same look provided by wrought iron at a lower price.

If you want pre-galvanized materials, the average price will increase by up to $90 per linear foot. The extra cost is quite beneficial since materials need less maintenance, prevents rust and has better durability than plain metal.

Decorative banisters are the most expensive with the average cost depending on the customization. Pre-manufactured ones may only cost $60 per linear foot, while the high-end price costs $120 per linear foot. These are commonly used for staircases to accentuate the interior design of your home, which may increase its value upon a resale.

Why it Hastens a Home Sale

Homeowners in California decide to install new railings on stairs, balconies, or porches to hasten the pace of a home sale, aside from complying with state laws. A house with more than three steps should have an installed handrail. Properties with more than four stairs should also have a mounted rail on one or two sides if it measures smaller than 44 inches in width.

When hiring a contractor, it’s important that they know the specific rules and regulations involving the installation of iron railings. This includes compliance with Federal Housing Administration (FHA) codes on handrails and stairways. You can’t sell the house once the FHA’s appraisal inspection sees any violations to these rules.

Other Project Expenses

Balcony with metal railing

A paint job for wrought iron railing should cost between $6 and $10 per linear foot, which is the same price for painting metal fences. You could spend up to $200 for hiring contractors to paint two railings that measure 20 feet. A DIY paint job lets you reduce the price by up to $170.

It’s still better to spend extra when hiring service providers, as a botched job could cost even more to fix after you discover the defects.

As the price of homes in California increase steadily, many are tempted to put their homes on the market right away. However, ignoring repairs such as staircase improvement could be an expensive decision. You have a better chance of closing a sale at a higher asking price once you complete simple maintenance work. When choosing a contractor for railings, ask for at least three quotes to compare the best rates in your area.

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