How Much Should You Spend in Milwaukee on a Roof Inspection?

Close up view of man using removing rotten wood from leaky roof. After removing fascia boards he has discovered that the leak has extended into the beams and decking.

A typical roof inspection in Milwaukee may cost as low as $75, but most homeowners pay from $120 to $320 for a professional inspection.

You should ask the contractor to check the roof’s downspouts, soffits, fascia, vents and missing shingles. If it doesn’t have leaf gutter protection yet, it’s best to install one to prevent clogs and the frequency of cleaning gutters. You’ll find it easier to pick the right gutters guards when you consult a NASA-certified gutter protection company.

Frequency of Inspection and Repairs

Roof inspections often become necessary before you plan to repair obvious problems, as there could be underlying issues that only a contractor can determine once they check the roof. Aim for regular inspection at least two to three times every year, and always consult an expert for a better assessment. A standard inspection shouldn’t take more than an hour for a well-maintained roof.

You can also save money from your heating bills by looking for possible heat leaks, which is usually done through infrared tests. Thermal heat loss can be a reason why your heating system works harder during the winter season. An inspection must also include the condition of roof gutters to determine if you need repairs or replacements. Some of the common materials include aluminum and vinyl.

The Two Types of Gutters

Homeowners with a budget only for inspections may consider vinyl when they suddenly need to replace gutters. The material is popular because it’s affordable and DIY-friendly, but you need to be a bit skilled to install vinyl gutters. Otherwise, you may need to hire a professional to fix sagging areas caused by poor installation. Vinyl gutters also break easily during extremely cold weather, so you may want to consider aluminum as an alternative material for replacement.

Aluminum gutters can stand almost any kind of weather. You can change its appearance by applying paint, which isn’t possible with vinyl. Proper care and maintenance can prolong its lifespan and prevent dents and breakage. Choose to spend a bit more on primary aluminum gutters for better durability, instead of secondary ones that mostly contain recycled materials.

Return on Investment

New red metal tile with white rain gutter

The steep price of replacing a roof serves as another reason to inspect it regularly. Average installations may cost $7,500 depending on the type of materials, cost of labor and size. You should only consider a replacement when repairs cost more than half of the price of installing a new one. If you’re planning to sell your house, it can be a good reason to replace the roof.

Ask for a quote from a licensed contractor at least six months before you plan to place a property listing. Most homeowners do this to estimate their return on investment after installing a new roof.

Hire an independent inspector to avoid being ripped off, especially if you need to check the roof for damage or repairs. Some contractors may suggest unnecessary work. You can avoid this by looking for online consumer reviews or asking for feedback from previous clients.

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