How the Philippines Is Turning to Nature to Improve Well-being

a forest

a forest

The world can be a source of stress. The more advanced a city is, the more populated and dense it becomes. There seems to be no escape to the noise–at least, that used to be the case. These days, there are efforts put in place to mimic nature and make a place less stressful.

These are just some of the things you’ll see in the Philippines that benefit residents and investors alike:

Living in Nature

Cebu city realized something when it presented condo residences the serenity of nature despite their location in the city. Residents enjoyed a relaxed lifestyle that has become the trademark of this place. Anyone who visits Cebu will marvel at the beautiful smiles greeting them as if the people didn’t have a care in the world. They might not have everything a person can dream of, but they’re quite close to being content. All this because the presence of nature helps calm them and reduces the stresses that residents of more commercialized places such as Metro Manila have to deal with.

Water Features in Hotels

You may argue that water doesn’t belong indoors, but hotel guests disagree. These water features are a marvel to behold but they are not just there for the eyes to look at. The movement of water is a calming sight in itself, but the sound also has something to do with it. As you step into the hotel lobby, wary from your journey, the calming sound of water will encourage you to sit down and take a deeper look into your surroundings. Hotel lobbies are designed to be accommodating but you may not even notice the effort put into the design if you’re too tired and just want to get into your room to sleep.

Farm-to-Table Restaurants

Healthy living does not just come in the form of eating salads for every meal. Though there are places exclusively serving a selection of salads to cater to your need for fiber and greens, you can also have a more enjoyable dining experience featuring a variety of fresh ingredients. Farm-to-table concepts may not be called as such in the Philippines, but the principle is the same: the ingredients of the food served come from a nearby farm and have been harvested that same day. You get the freshest and the most nutritious, just like nature intended.

Outdoor Exercises

a yoga pose

Zumba is a dance exercise that is a hit in the Philippines. It’s offered in gyms–and outdoors. Even malls encourage physical fitness by converting the parking lot into a makeshift exercise area on certain days of the week. An instructor can then start teaching routines that are easy to follow, free of charge. Many will argue that they didn’t go to malls for exercise, but with the accessibility of such an effective routine, they can’t help but be reeled in. Parks also serve as places for recreation, running, and dancing, which takes full use of the available patch of nature.

Next time you look outside and think there’s nothing interesting going on so you will just go back to looking at your phone screen, consider the benefits of being one with nature. Once you see it, you’ll find it hard to ignore.