How to Buy Used Farm Quad Bikes for Sale

Farm Quad BikesWhen making the decision to buy quad bikes, you actually have two options: buy it brand new or buy it used. Buying used is not only cheaper, but it can also offer you all the benefits of a brand new ATV if you know exactly how to make that choice. Here are some tips that can help.

Buy It from a Dealer

You can buy used farm quad bikes that are for sale directly from the original owner – but you can also buy it from a dealer. Many dealers sell used ATVs and compared to owners; they are actually more reliable.

As with cars, dealers often run the ATV through a gamut of checks and balances to guarantee that it is still at a saleable condition.

Look at the Frame and Any Changes

Take a good look at the frame of the quad bike, paying particular attention to any rusts or cracks on the surface. A bent frame does not just ruin the overall look of the ATV, it also changes the balance of the ATV, which means that it might lean towards one side when ridden. You can notice this quickly during a test drive.

You might also want to ask the seller for any modifications made. No matter how “cool” it looks, changes can substantially alter the quality of your ride. If you are not used to it, you’ll be putting yourself in danger when going through a rough terrain.

Look at the Wheels to Guarantee Grip

The wheels won’t exactly tell you how hard the ATV has been used in the past. However, the status of the tires when you buy it will tell you if you should pay the asking price outright. Chances are you will have to change the tires because it’s already sparse with poor gripping power.

Ask the Owner About the ATV’s History

It’s like buying a car too because you’ll have to ask the seller about the ATV’s past. How long has it been used, what was it used for, the service record on the ATV, and so on. You would want to get as many information about the product that you can bring to your mechanic afterwards.

Make a point of having a mechanic go through the ATV and give you their opinion without actually opening up the ride. This way, you will have a good idea of whether there is a need to have it further fixed.

Test Ride that 4 Wheel


Lastly, do not forget to test ride the quad bike to make sure you will enjoy using it. Some bikes can be quite heavy or too powerful for new users so you will have to look for something a little less demanding. While you might think you can develop the control later on after buying the ATV, it’s usually better to buy something you know you can handle.

Of course, those are just some tips to bear in mind when buying farm quad bike second hand. At the end of the day, remember that you are buying them used, so keep your expectations well within what’s reasonable.

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