How to Clean a Restaurant with Only a Few People

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Maintaining a clean restaurant is a necessity if you wish to succeed as a restaurateur. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone since no one wants to eat in a dirty kitchen, much less in a dirty restaurant. It is your responsibility to ensure that your restaurant is kept clean. One of the ways you can pull that off is to come up with a strict cleaning schedule and a chemical system that enables your employees to properly clean every inch of your facility.

But what if you don’t have enough manpower to take care of this responsibility? What if you have only two cooks, two waiters, and yourself manning a restaurant that accommodates 20 to 30 patrons? How do you go about that? Well, you have to either make certain adjustments or be really creative in how you will handle this situation. But before you try to come up with a solution, let us help you out with these suggestions:

Do it yourself

You, as the manager or even owner of your establishment, will have to get your hands dirty literally if you want your restaurant to be squeaky clean. This is no time to present yourself as the top boss of your establishment who cannot be bothered to take care of the menial tasks such as scrubbing the floors. If you don’t have enough people in your restaurant, you will have to do the cleaning yourself. You’re the only person in your establishment who does not need to face the customers or touch the food. But you have to do this only while your restaurant is operating. When it is closed for the day, you can ask one of your waiters to help you clean the whole place.

Talk to your employees

If your restaurant is struggling to find more labourers to help you out, it’s better to let your employees know the real deal about your situation. They need to know the real situation so that they can either decide to leave and force you to analyze your situation once more or stay and help you keep your establishment operating.

Come up with a cleaning schedule

making a schedule

Being short of manpower means that your employees are working twice as hard, so it’s easy for them to be overwhelmed if you add cleaning responsibilities to their daily tasks. Make sure that each one of your employees has enough time to rest before you give them a mop or a broom.

You have to be strategic when it comes to fixing a cleaning schedule for your employees. If your waiter has been working for 12 hours straight, you can’t expect him to mop the floor of the whole restaurant when you close for the day. If your chef put in the same number of hours, you can’t delegate that task to him, either. So what do you do? Figure out which of them had a more strenuous day.

Hire cleaners

Another way to ensure that your restaurant is clean even with small manpower is to outsource the general cleaning to other people. You can hire professional cleaners to take care of your restaurant if your own employees are too tired or busy. If you’re worried about cost, don’t be because there are many professional cleaners out there that have reasonable rates.

Reinvent your establishment

But if you’re really struggling to manage your restaurant, keeping it clean, serving your customers properly, and making sure that your food is of top quality, then perhaps it’s time to reinvent yourself and make some huge adjustments to fit with your capabilities.

If operating a restaurant is too tedious, you can perhaps open a food truck, which is easier to manage and clean. It could still give you a huge profit. If managing a restaurant is becoming an uphill battle, there are other easier ways to serve your food to customers. It only takes some creativity and motivation, and you can reinvent yourself in any way you want.

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