How to Explore Singapore on a Budget

Marina Bay during twilight

Marina Bay during twilightExploring the beautiful country of Singapore doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. But it takes some travel savvy and internet-research skills to explore this powerhouse of a city-state fully without spending too much. After all, you have other things in your bucket list to tick off, so you need to save money if you were to finish them all.

Do not fret; help is on the way. We have a compilation of the tips and tricks experienced travellers whispered to the internet that they said helped them stay on budget. Here are some tips for you to stay on budget when you want to see the best of Singapore.

Skip the Cab

While taxis come incredibly handy especially after a night out, Singapore boasts of an extensive public transport. So you don’t have to spend more than you have to on a taxi fare when taking the buses and the train lines could get you just about anywhere.

Just grab an EZ Link Card at the airport for S$12 (S$7 usable credit and S$5 deposit), and you’re good to go. You can use this for just about any transportation here and more.

Enjoy Food Without Breaking the Bank

Singapore is known for its foodie’s paradise known as hawker centres. Everywhere you go, there’s bound to be a group of these food shops serving a wide range of dishes. Additionally, if you like a taste of the gastronomic delights of local diners, lunch deals here in Singapore are pretty common, and they should save you some dough.

Since Singapore is a proud melting pot of many cultures, the dining experience is like a party in your taste buds!

Go the Backpackers’ Way

Woman exploring the cityWant to save on accommodation? Go where the backpackers go. And for S$15 – S$60, you get a clean bed in a dorm room. Of course, if you’re eyeing some deals in advance, you can get an affordable private room for as little as S$60.

Go for Free Attractions

Some attractions don’t cost a thing in Singapore. You can go for a nature walk in the city’s numerous parks, check out a display of human-made trees in Gardens by the Bay, visit Singapore’s iconic landmark — the Merlion, or go on a cultural tour around Chinatown, Little India, or the Arab Quarter. All of which wouldn’t cost you a dime.

Know Where to Shop

Shoppers on a budget have their own hunting ground in Singapore. Places like Bugis Street Market, Orchard Road’s Lucky Plaza, and Little India’s Mustafa Centre basically sells almost everything. So you should be able to shop away without causing too much dent on the wallet and your savings account.

Singapore is as cosmopolitan as it gets, rife with luxury and comfort. But even what’s touted to be the world’s most expensive city has a place for budget travellers. Don’t forget to plan for everything during your trip to this city-state. You don’t want any unexpected expenses to drain your pockets. Have an enjoyable time in Singapore!

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