How to Have a Sustainable Home

Hand holding eco home concept

Hand holding eco home concept

Having a sustainable home is one of the many solutions to the world’s worst problem: climate change. From emitting fewer greenhouse gases to producing less waste to pollute the world’s oceans, a sustainable home offers huge benefits not just for your family but for the world. If you want to effectively make your home more sustainable, here are four ways to do that:

1. Produce your own food

One of the biggest threats to humanity’s survival is food insecurity. According to a report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the number of undernourished people in 2017 is estimated to have reached 821 million. The problem is particularly prevalent in Africa and South America.

Producing your own food is the best way to be self-reliant in providing healthier, more nourishing food for your family. You can start with a few herbs and crops at a time. If you have a big space, you can even build your own greenhouse. There are companies in Minnesota that offer a greenhouse conservatory design. You can also start an indoor garden if you don’t have enough outdoor space. The key here is to plan on what you want to plant and where you want to plant it.

2. Go for zero plastic

The problem with plastic drowning our oceans is worse than what we think. According to an estimate by the Ocean Conservancy, around 85% of all the trash collected from waterways, oceans, and beaches is plastic debris. You may have heard of whales washing up on shore, their stomachs filled with plastic debris that is most likely the cause of their death. When too many aquatic animals die, the ecological balance is threatened.

Aiming to go plastic-free is a noble way to help stop the plastic problem. You can start by switching to eco-bags when you do your grocery. You can also buy wholesale produce at a local farm with your own glass containers. Start looking for plastic-free alternatives such as shampoo bars such as bamboo toothbrushes.

3. Switch to renewable energy

House with solar panels on roof

If you’re really determined to reduce your carbon footprint, switching to renewable energy is the best course of action. Solar panels, for example, can cover 100% of your energy requirement, depending on your location and the season.

Although solar panels aren’t cheap, the amount you’ll save on energy costs over the years will more than pay for the cost. Installing solar panels on your roof is not the only way to use solar energy. You can also switch to solar-powered gadgets and equipment such as phone chargers and other appliances.

4. Use eco-friendly household products

Lastly, you should also consider using eco-friendly household products such as cleaning products. Some cleaning products are not only harmful to human health but also to the environment. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, some ingredients in cleaning products can be toxic to some aquatic species.

Having a sustainable home is probably the best way to ensure a bright future for your children. A healthy planet that can sustain the future generations for years is the best inheritance they can receive. Producing your own food, going for zero plastic, switching to renewable energy, and using eco-friendly household products are ways you can make your home sustainable.

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