Key Veteran Benefits That You Didn’t Know You Had

war veteran

war veteranTo say that veterans have it tough is an understatement. They don’t call it the “ultimate sacrifice” for nothing. Sadly, it’s usually upon getting home that they tend to suffer the most as the harsh effects of war don’t go away immediately. Fortunately, you have avenues for support from health care to a home VA loan in Flagstaff. If you’re a veteran and aren’t getting the support that you need, then you’re missing out. Here are the benefits that you’re entitled to that you might not be knowledgeable about.


War brings more than physical health problems; there are deeper mental and psychological problems that often come back home as excess baggage. The treatment of these and any other conditions can rack up in terms of the costs. Fortunately, the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Aid and Attendance program offers financial aid to veterans to cover costs for long term care. This includes assisted living programs, nursing homes, and other similar options. This isn’t something that you should let go of as they can mean the difference between a comfortable life and a miserable one.

Home Loans

Another great service open to veterans is specialized loans for the specific purpose of acquiring housing. This comes courtesy of private providers who recognize the needs of veterans. They then offer an affordable VA loan in Flagstaff that is easier to get for veterans who qualify. The loan itself is protected by the GI Bill of Rights and means that you get housing with no need for a down payment. This type of loan guarantees a maximum of 25 percent of a home loan—this makes it significantly easier for veterans to get the essential right of everyone to have their own home and shelter from the elements. The key to enjoying this benefit is to choose a loaner that’s dependable and trustworthy.

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One of the biggest challenges that veterans face is finding decent work after years of service. After all, the military itself offers little in the way of necessary, marketable skills that aren’t useful to anything beyond the military itself. The GI Bill provides for the need to have an education or certificate to get a decent job that pays a decent wage. It covers a significant amount that goes against the acquisition of such a certificate. This is great for younger veterans as it will allow them to have a fruitful life beyond the military service.

Life Insurance

It’s not surprising that it’s downright impossible for veterans to get life insurance coverage given the inherent risks of their job. Fortunately, the Servicemembers’ and Veterans’ Group Life Insurance program provides very decent coverage to ensure that veterans enjoy the protection that insurance offers. This is something that every veteran should get as it helps a great deal.

Veterans sacrifice a lot for their country. It’s only right that the country that they serve helps them out right back in return. These are just a few of the benefits that veterans are entitled to. If you qualify, you should be aware of them and leverage them for a better quality of life.

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