Kitchen Appliances 101: How to Find the Best Finish Perfect for Your Kitchen

kitchenHaving difficulty deciding which finishes should you pick for your kitchen appliances? Yes, stainless steel is a popular choice. However, there are many finishes out there that might be more suitable for different design aesthetics and situations.

To get you started on this task and before you buy furniture online, below are the top kitchen appliance finishes and suggestions on when to use them.

When to Use Black Kitchen Appliances

Black is simultaneously a bold colour and neutral colour because it’s immensely dark. It might also be a safe or risky option depending on how you use it. That said, below are situations when it is suitable to use it.

    • If you have very dark cabinetry. Dark cabinetry visually makes a space smaller but coupling it with non-contrasting black kitchen appliances would help reduce this shrinking look, along with inclusions of wood and white for creating long lines.
    • If you are into the dramatic combination of white and black. This classic pairing is very intense and vivid and will work well in any type of kitchen.
    • If you have a very spacious kitchen. You can break up the vastness of your kitchen with black appliances and keep it from feeling too austere.

When to Use Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances

Love them or not, stainless steel kitchen appliances are currently the reigning choice for many homeowners. While you can’t really go wrong with a stainless steel finish, below are situations where it’s a particularly perfect choice.

    • If you have wooden cabinetry. Stainless steel kitchen appliances offer a welcoming, pleasing break if wooden cabinetry dominates the kitchen. They also help highlight the wood’s natural grains and patterns.
    • If you have an ultramodern kitchen. Crisp stainless and metallic finishes are usually associated with ultra luxe, minimalist, and modern kitchens, and are the number one choice for achieving that streamlined and clean look.
    • If you have a transitional style kitchen. In this kind of kitchen, the theme is all about combining different textures and neutrals, like mixing white cabinets with wooden ones, so have fun contrasting your stainless steel appliances other metals such as bronze or brass.

When to Use White Kitchen Appliances

luxury kitchen

These days, it is not so common to see white appliances in kitchens, maybe because lots of homeowners see it as ordinary since that is what they grew up with. But there are many design situations where classic white kitchen appliances deserve some consideration.

    • If the ceiling in your kitchen is dark. With light walls and kitchen appliances, your dark ceiling will be highlighted and will not make the space too cavernous.
    • If you have pale-coloured cabinetry. Pale neutrals on cabinets can lend that welcoming and cosy feel to the space, and white kitchen appliances can help bring out the cabinetry’s subtle undertones.
    • If your counters are light. When your counters are light, quartz or marble, for instance, white kitchen appliances could help bring out their undertones so your colour palette will look more balanced and tied together.

Now that you have some idea of how the different finishes of kitchen appliances will look and feel in your kitchen, you can go ahead and buy your appliances and have fun.