Lifting or Leveling: Which Truck Suspension Option Should You Use?

Worker repairing the truck suspension

Worker repairing the truck suspensionTrucks are among the most commonly modified vehicles. You often will need to adjust the exhaust, programmer and the fuel intakes. All you want to is enhance the vehicle’s performance. But, have you considered that you also could modify your truck’s ground clearance as well as style and suspension? More and more truck owners are opting to jack up their vehicles. Well, it is not a craze that every truck owner may consider. But, if it will further improve your vehicle’s performance, why not do it?

The best how

Reputable auto service centers in Salt Lake City, Utah recommend that you either use leveling or lift kits to jack up your truck. Since you cannot do both at the same time, it is best that you determine which suspension option will be the most appropriate for you. On that, it will be helpful if you considered the following:

How they compare

You want enough ground clearance to fit those large tires. You can use either of these kits for that purpose as they will raise the body of your vehicle. But, it is how much high you want to lift your truck body that will largely determine which of the two to pick. So, here:

Leveling kits

Pickup truck in white backgroundThese come with hardware that will raise your truck’s front but only to match the height at the back. That means, depending on your type of truck, you can raise its front by around two inches. The aim here is for your truck to have a uniform stock stance. To achieve that in some trucks, you may require you to use spacer blocks together with the leveling kits on the leaf springs at the back. That will aid in lifting the four corners of your truck to your desired height.

These are the simpler of the two suspension options since they only require torsion keys and spring spacers to implement the kits. But, since using leveling kits alters the truck’s standard suspension geometry, using traction bars can help to keep the axle from wrapping.

Lift kits

These are more of suspension systems than leveling kits are. They, however, address the need for lifting trucks for a much-needed ground clearance better than their twin does. With lift kits, you can lift your truck even higher than you would with leveling kits. But, that would need you to modify the suspension parts of your truck to accommodate these changes in the truck’s height. Moreover, if you are looking to lift your truck to a height above leveling kit’s two inches, you can purchase up to a 10-inch lift kit for that purpose. Your suspension kits supplier can even customize lift kits for larger sizes that the off-the-shelf 10-inch lift kits.

Leveling kits are an excellent choice for anyone that wants to a minimal increase in their truck front. They are easy to implement, too. But, for further lifting, lift kits make the best suspension option to take, advises a Salt Lake City, Utah auto service center. But still, if you are working with a limited budget, leveling kits may be just the best option to raise your truck.