Light Up Your Store Like a Pro

lit up interior of a modern store

When most people look at retail stores in Tampa, they think that what has caught their attention is the products being sold inside. But what they do not know, and what you should learn, is that there is a myriad of components that work together to catch a customer’s attention and get in the store. One particular factor that coaxes people to step into a store is the lighting design. If you want people to enter your store, then you should invest in commercial lighting and work on your design. Here are some ideas on how to light up your store:

Lights should have layers

When you’re designing the lights in your store, don’t grab just any spotlight you can find and shine it on your products. Focusing one light on any item will make it look dull and flat. Use a couple of lights to add some style to your products. Have ambient lights so that customers can see your items. But use accent lights to bring out the features of your products. Accent lights are what you use to highlight what you think makes your products stand out. That way, your customers can immediately see it when they glance over your items from outside the store.

Install lights at the top of the items and in the background

storefront in shopping mallMost stores install lights at the top of their products to present them to their customers. But if you install lights only at the top of the products, they will look dark and dreary. You can add some flair to your display by lighting up the background. You will be able to add depth to the products, which is a lot better.

Lights should match the brand

Analyze your brand first and figure out your target market if you still haven’t. You might not notice it, but stores with ambient lighting almost always sell inexpensive products. They might be trying to appeal to customers who aren’t too focused on the design of a particular jacket or pants as much as they are focused on the price tag, which is why they do not use lighting designs that try to accentuate the features. In contrast, stores with accent lighting often sell expensive products. They use this kind of design because they want to focus more on the features of their items and perhaps convince customers that the price tags are that high because the design is that good.

Lights tell the eyes what to see

You should also use your lighting design to focus on what you want your customers to see right away. If you’re showcasing the latest handbag from Louis Vuitton, not only should you exhibit that item near the entrance of the store, but you should also point your accent lights toward it.

You should use spotlights as well because the stronger the light, the more curious your customers are going to be on what item the light is shining on. If you have your latest products on display in the middle and near the entrance of the store, put the spotlight on it. Your customers will check it out right away.