Make Your Bathroom Space Comfy and Efficient

modern bathroom with big shower and wooden framed mirror

The bathroom in many buildings is often overlooked, and few people take interest in its design. People instead focus on common areas such as their living room and patio. However, the bathroom is one of the integral areas of a home. It’s not only a room where you do the necessities but one that will make your guests feel comfortable and set your home apart.

Make your bathroom in your home suitable and get a property management agency near your Singapore home. This way, you will build a modern home that fits any homebuyer or renter’s needs. When you are considering rental property, work with the same agency to guarantee the bathroom in the property meets the highest standards. Spacious bathrooms are among the most looked for in many homes for sale or rent. Here are some of the bathroom features that people often look for in any property.


Small mirrors hanging on the sink of a bathroom are utilitarian. Mirrors, however, could elevate a bathroom’s spaciousness and make it seem larger than it might be. You can have several small mirrors along a wall or one large one that will make your bathroom brighter. The mirrors will also break your walls and make your bathroom accommodating.

Purposeful Placement of Elements

There are two types of spaces in your bathroom: negative and positive spaces. The negative spaces are those between features like the sink, toilet, and bathroom. The random placement of elements in your bathroom generates considerable negative space. This is uninviting and makes your bathroom look cramped.

Positive space, on the other hand, is generated through the purposeful location of the elements in your bathroom. It creates meaningful and practical spaces where people will want to linger in and make your bathroom inviting.


minimalist bathroom with simple bathtub and sink area

The utility of all things in your bathroom is an aspect that will lead to the use of minimal elements, leaving you with considerable floor space. You can, for instance, include shelves and storage cabinets under the sink and along the walls to keep fixtures out of sight while the shower doubles up as the bath. This way, your bathroom looks more spacious than it is.

White Color Schemes

Lots of white for your bathroom will make the space brighter and make it feel airy. Go for white vanity, tiles, and walls to reflect the available light in your bathroom and make it look spacious. This also creates a seamless look as it matches your sink, toilet, and tub. The white colour scheme could be paired with various textural elements like pale tiles, fabric accents, and moulding to enrich the design.

High-end bathrooms are all about beauty, calm, and peace. With the right choices, you need not have a high budget for you to afford a home with a spacious bathroom or build one. The above space elements will make any bathroom look spacious irrespective of its square footage. If you want your real estate investment to reach a certain value, make sure to give every room the attention it needs, especially the bathroom.

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