Maximized Viewing: Why Visit the Home You Want to Buy Various Times of the Day

Couple on a home visit

Couple on a home visitLocation, location, location—that’s the mantra you will always hear from Filipino real estate agents. Knowing you’re in a good neighborhood, however, is just half of the equation of finding the best home. The other half is visiting that neighborhood not once, not twice, but multiple times of the day. Doing so helps you see what it’s really like to live in that community and at the same time spot problems early on if there are. That said, here are the best times to see the property you’re eyeing:

7 a.m. to 8 a.m.

This is usually the period when people are starting to get ready for school or work. You will be able to see the condition of traffic near the area and estimate travel time from your target home to your office or your kids’ campus. Do a test drive or take the public transportation one time to accurately assess the time spent on the road and the stress that comes with it. Take note of the noise levels during this time as well. In some communities, there are bells rung or prayers uttered in loudspeakers from nearby religious places of worship. There may also be road construction projects that are ongoing. See if you can tolerate such or have a plan already in place how you could deal with it if ever you’d push through with buying the property.

4 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Couple biking around the neighbourhoodThis is the period when kids and working parents are already coming home. What you need to pay attention to is what they do after school or work. Do kids go to your community’s playground? Do some of them spend time in the clubhouse? Do they bike around the subdivision? Children running around the village means that parents are confident that their kids are safe on the streets. Although you should look up the crime statistics in your neighborhood, this tells you a great deal already about the status of the security around the community. Take note also of people inviting fellow neighbors over for a backyard dinner or residents greeting each other as they drive up to their driveway. This will tell you how close-knit the community is. There’s an affordable house in Cavite located in a family-friendly neighborhood, which is worth checking out.

10 p.m. to Midnight

Your priority at this hour is to know how peaceful it is in the community. Observe if your neighbors are into parties or late night karaoke. Of course, one or two celebrations are tolerable. However, if it’s a loud, rowdy affair happening every night, and the community developers aren’t doing anything to manage it, then you probably have to think twice about buying in that neighborhood. If it’s possible for you to enter the property during this time, do so. This will give you a pretty good glimpse of your sleeping environment, whether there are disturbing lights from next-door neighbors or anxiety over your security.

Remember the mantra or real estate experts: location, location, location. The best way to know if you are in a good location is to visit the home you are targeting several times of the day. Hence, go maximize your viewings.