Must-Have Items for Your Car Emergency Kit

First Aid Kit

Do you have the necessary items and features in your car to protect you and your passengers? Perhaps you don’t have emergency car accessories. A comprehensive list of useful and durable car items are available to ensure your safety on the road.

Here are some of the most important car accessories for emergencies that you can buy in Wichita, Kansas and other places in the U.S.:

Durable Canvas Bag

You must have a sturdy bag to hold your supplies. A canvas bag is excellent in providing strength, and it’s a reusable type of bag.

Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are necessities in your car. These are the best pieces of equipment that you can use to jumpstart a vehicle properly when the battery fails. Always have them available, so that you can assist other motorists in need. For your safety, learn how to use this equipment properly to avoid any issues.

Reusable LED Flares

To ensure that you’ll get the amount of visibility and remain safe at the side of the road, use reusable LED flares. They are bright and most of them are waterproof. With these, your car can be seen up to a mile away at night. Typically, you can buy them individually or in a set of three. These are must-haves because they are used for emergency warning purposes.

Cut-Resistant Gloves

These gloves can handle broken glass without you being hurt. Drivers typically use them when changing flat tires. Interestingly, you can use cut-resistant gloves to break the car window for emergency purposes. Most car gloves have a high visibility color pattern to help the driver become visible to others while working at the side of the road.


When you in the middle of a secluded area and encountered a problem, a headlamp will give you relief. It allows you to have both hands free to perform car fixing. Having this can help you speed up the process of any task by providing you with bright light.

Car GPS Messenger Device

Car GPS System

Thanks to the advances in technology, there are now smart innovations to increase your safety and comfort on the road. You can sign up for a service plan and the provider will give you a car GPS messenger device. You can use this equipment whenever you’re in a dangerous zone and your mobile phone can’t pick up any cellphone signal. This device works because it can communicate with a series of satellites.

Emergency Tarp

Many motorists have encountered trees falling across the road. Hopefully, it won’t happen to you. It’s a dangerous experience when a large object hits the car glass. When someone gets hurt, call 911 immediately for rescue. As an additional tip, always bring emergency tarp in your car. This piece of material can help you cover your vehicle and protect the inside when the car glasses are broken.

First-Aid or Medical Kit

Always have a first-aid or medical kit in your car. You never know when an accident will happen. While waiting for more advanced medical assistance, you can do initial steps with the help of your first-aid kit.

There are more useful items that you can find in a car accessories store. Always remember that precautionary measures will give you complete confidence and peace of mind when driving.