Organising and Storing in Workshops and Warehouses: The Options

Woman checking warehouse

Woman checking warehouse

There is undoubtedly a broad range of tools used in workshops and warehouses regardless of the company’s industry. Proper storage of tools and equipment is essential. This minimises the accidents associated with the improper storage of tools in many warehouses and workshops. It also enhances the durability of the tools and maintains their effectiveness. There are numerous tool storage solutions for various industries, but not all of them will be suitable in all situations.

Tool storage cabinets and chests are the standard storage solution. These are generally made of steel and feature deep drawers to handle bulky accessories and tools efficiently. The drawers are padded to offer extra protection for the tools. There are also shallow drawers and trays designed for small tools which you need to access easily and frequently.

Most tool cabinets and chests have built-in features to enhance their convenience and the security of your tools. To maximise your available storage space, choose stationary chests which can be stacked on wheeled cabinets. The following are other warehouse and workshop storage options that you could consider.


The best toolbox options are those made of durable steel or plastic. These feature cantilever bins or trays which are spread outwards when in an open position and so allows an unhindered view of the contents inside. Some toolboxes have removable organisers and trays hence negating the need to open the entire box. There are also wheeled tool boxes which have handles. These are mainly used for the storage of heavy tools since the tools are easier to access from these tool boxes.

Tool Bags

These are designed for portable storage of tools which an employee needs. They come with padded and adjustable handles and shoulder straps to enhance their users’ comfort while others are designed as backpacks. Tool bags have an open main compartment designed for the storage of large tools like saws, hammers, and drills. Their small external and internal pockets, trays and loops are meant for organising small tools. They also have zipper closures which protect the tools inside from damage from exterior elements.

Wall Hangers and Hooks

Tools hanging on wall

These are mounted on walls and used for tools which should be within easy reach in crowded warehouses and workshops. Wall hangers and hooks take minimal space and are easy to rearrange and reconfigure. The best ones are those which can be expanded to accommodate your growing tool collection though they might cost more than ordinary hooks, pegboards, and wall hangers.

Tool Belts

These are the most common portable tool storage option in various industries. The belts are often made of tanned leather which is strong enough to support several tools. There are also some brands which include a suspender on the tool belt to improve your tools’ weight distribution.

Some warehouse and workshop owners might deem the above storage solutions an unnecessary expense as they strive to cut back on their operating expenses. The storage options above will lessen the costs needed for employee compensation after work-related injuries and the frequent replacement of tools. Hence, they are an essential investment for all warehouses and workshops aiming for profit and those looking for ways to reduce unnecessary expenses.

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