Out of NYC: Four Cities in the US with Great Art Scenes

Artist sculpting a human face

Artist sculpting a human faceWhen talking about art and culture in the US, New York City might be the first thing that pops into the minds of most people. And there’s no question about it. The city is a haven for dynamic and creative storytellers who use their art to communicate. But, the rest of the U.S. is bigger than the Big Apple, and many other talented artists live outside the area.


According to the official site of Denver, CO, the city had seen a performance of Macbeth even before it had witnessed the opening of the first school or hospital in the area. Denver houses one of the largest art complexes in the country, the Denver Performing Arts Complex, which seats 10,000 people.

What’s more, Metro Denver supports artists and art organizations. The Metro imposes a tenth of a cent sales tax for artworks and distributes the money to art facilities. Artists who are looking to profit from their original work while helping the industry may want to consider moving here. The city has many dwelling options including real estate properties in Washington Park, which is near to art galleries like Arts at Denver and Darci Arts.


Art aficionados can find a lot of galleries scattered all over Chicago. One of the most notable is the Museum of Contemporary Art, which exhibits contemporary works of art from different mediums including painting, sculpture, photography, and videos. Another famous art destination in the area is the Richard Norton Gallery, which features a collection of impressionist and modern paintings.

People on an art galleryIn River North, visitors can also enjoy art crawl and open houses, operated by the Brave New Art World, during the first Thursday of the month. The Brave New Art World operates these activities. The state also boasts of The Art Institute of Chicago, which holds 260,000 art pieces from around the world.


For those who are avid fans of performing arts, Atlanta is the city to go. Award-winning Broadway musicals are performed at the city’s The Fox Theatre. For a dose of nostalgia, visitors can head to the Alliance Theatre, where local production companies present theater classics and children’s shows.  Other performing arts venues in the city are the 7 Stages and Horizon Theatre Company.

Atlanta also offers an experience of top-tier choreography as it houses the Atlanta Ballet, where various dance styles from neoclassical works to contemporary ballets are performed.


The Magic City proves people shouldn’t experience the magic of art exclusively in museums and galleries. In Miami, art is everywhere and free for everyone – particularly along the neighborhood of Wynwood. The area is an oasis for many aspiring artists who are looking for a creative outlet to produce their work. From life-sized murals to graffiti quotes, Wynwood Walls have become a giant canvass for the creative. The neighborhood also holds a number of mural competitions.

Artists have unique perceptions — and it takes a unique perception to find art in something. Luckily for Americans, they live in a country that values, preserves, and showcases creative works – from theaters to the street.

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