Protect Your House from the Summer Heat

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You might be dreading the high temperatures of summer. You still have time to prepare, and you can cool down your home enough to a comfortable level. You might think of installing air conditioning, but you can cool your house without doing so.

Insulate Your Attic Ceiling and Floor

First, you can start with overhead heat protection. You can install fiberglass attic insulation, which will maintain cold indoor temperatures year-round. Now, you might have insulated your attic ceiling, but experts from the Insulation Institute suggest that you insulate your attic floor. You should have 14 inches of insulation.

In Houston, fiberglass attic insulation can already be enough to cool your home. The layer of protection on your attic floor will keep hot attic air from warming rooms below the attic. Alternatively, you can use spray foam or radiant barrier foil, either of which will work as well as fiberglass.

Shut and Open Windows Strategically

Once you have insulation, you should have comfortable home temperatures for most of the summer. You will encounter times, however, when the heat still makes its way into your house. For these times, you can manipulate the air and heat flow into your home by shutting or opening specific windows.

In the morning, the east and south windows should be closed, with the blinds or curtains covering the closed windows too. These windows will keep the sun’s heat from entering. Next, open the west and north windows of your home to allow cooler air to blow in. Once the clock reaches late afternoon, do the opposite of the morning routine, allowing absorbed heat to exit your house.

Extra Cooling Measures

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With the two tricks above, you can already keep your house comfortably fresh for the summer. For extra measure, you can also do any of the following to cool your home without resorting to energy-consuming air-conditioning. Firstly, you can forgo the use of appliances in the meantime. Machines give off heat; you will be better off cooking in an outdoor grill than on your oven. When you need to do laundry, do it in the evening when the house is coolest.

Secondly, you can use fans install of air conditioning. Fans take up only around a tenth of energy compared to air-conditioners, and they can be enough to cool you even more than your already cold rooms if you followed the directions above. Ceiling fans work best to cover large areas, while you can lug around portable box fans wherever in the house you want to stay.

Now, you might have done all the measures above to keep cool, but you might want a cooler home even more. At this point, you can already choose to use air conditioning. Choose a unit with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating according to your budget; top SEER-rated air conditioning consumes less energy without skimping on power to cool air.

With all these cooling measures, you already have what it takes to combat the summer heat in your house. You can finally go about your relaxation time without a sweat.

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