Take the Stress Out of the ACT

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people answering testWhen it comes to taking any kind of test, stress can hinder your results. It makes it impossible to focus on revision and leaves students feeling tired and anxious. Successful exam preparation requires a rested mind, a clear head and the ability to focus with ease. The adverse mental and physical effects of exam stress are a very real problem, so much so that even the NHS has gone to the effort of providing a comprehensive list of tips for surviving exams.

Among these tips is advice urging students to make sure they feel prepared by working towards understanding the relevant subject material and looking at practice questions. ACT tutoring in London from establishments such as A-List Education UK can help with each of these approaches to beating exam stress so students can up their chances of aceing the ACT.

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A Breadth of Understanding

The ACT assesses a student’s ability across a range of topics through 4 mandatory sections, math, English, science and reading, as well as one optional section, writing. ACT tutoring in London can help UK students get to grips with the breadth of material they need to learn, with one-to-one sessions with experienced tutors who know the subject matter in and out. Tutors can help students discover their strengths and more importantly their weaknesses, so that their ACT tutoring in London can be tailored to their specific needs.

A Wealth of Prep Material

A solid foundation in the subject matter to be tested is essential, but, building on that, students also need to familiarise themselves with the types of questions they will encounter, the format of the ACT, as well as the test conditions. As part of ACT tutoring in London, students can get access to proprietary test prep material via their tutor and also experience proctored, full-length practice tests.


As with any test, getting ready in advance is key to avoiding the stress of cramming last minute. Signing up for ACT tutoring in London well in advance of the test day ensures students have time to improve their understanding of the test material and gain experience completing the different sections of the ACT. The end result: students that are test-ready.

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