The Most Fascinating Pretzel Facts

Bread shop employees working

Bread shop employees working

Snacks or those that are at least easy to consume on the go are very popular the world over. That’s why it makes sense to invest in a soft pretzel business. These unique sweet treats are easy to make, can come in an abundance of flavors, and are very easy to tote around. It’s no wonder that pretzels are among the most popular of snacks out there. If you’re interested in going for them as a business, here are several of the most interesting facts that you need to know:

Soft Came First

The sweeter soft pretzel variant of the venerable snacks came first historically. As early as 610 AD, they were believed to have been made by Christian monks. Their now distinctive design was said to have been made to resemble arms crossed in prayer. As such, they were given by these same monks as rewards to children for having learned their prayers properly. Appropriately enough, the name “pretzel” comes from the word “pretiola” or little rewards.

The Originals

Pretzels today come in a wide range of flavors. You can even get them with sweet dips, while other options are savory in nature. The original pretzels, however, were merely twisted bread without any flavoring whatsoever. You can get these types of original pretzels today, and they come with a unique name of their own: baldies. While they don’t have any flavoring, they actual melt in your mouth better.

The Holidays

When people get married, they are said to be “tying the knot.” If you have ever wondered where the expression originated from, it was also inspired by the pretzel. Swiss couples would be made to break a pretzel on the wedding day as they made a wish for good luck and a lasting relationship. This meant that pretzels figure in many of these most special of days. Additionally, April 26 is widely celebrated in the U.S. as National Pretzel Day.



As with nearly all types of food out there, pretzels hold some impressive records of its own. The largest pretzel ever on record was found to have weighed over 842 pounds and measured 26.8 feet by 10.2 feet. Additionally, Americans are the foremost consumers of pretzels with an average of 2 pounds consumed annually. Philadelphians are the most prolific of eaters, however, as they eat about 12 pounds of the stuff—that’s six times the rest of the country. In fact, if you love pretzels as much as they do in that state, you can visit the only museum in the world that is dedicated to pretzels right in the state.

Food makes for great business because everyone enjoys eating—it’s a universal truth. If you’re going to hedge your bets on one food type, it’s always safe to put money in snacks. After all, many people turn to snacks when they want to be comforted. Pretzels are a great choice to invest in because they are very varied when it comes to options for flavors. This variety gives you many great opportunities to earn.

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