The Truth Behind the Greatest Gutter Lies Ever Told

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The gutter system is perhaps the most underappreciated element of a house exterior in the Evergreen State. It serves many roles, including aesthetic and structural. More than just providing a finished look, it also helps keep the interiors dry and divert rainwater away from the property.

Despite these vital functions, gutters are often misunderstood. To care for your gutter system correctly, stop believing the lies below.

Gutter Cleaning Is a DIY Job

Do-it-yourself cleaning is somewhat pervasive, but its popularity doesn’t mean it’s proper. Anything that involves a ladder must be left to professionals with complete safety gear and equipment. Otherwise, a simple chore can turn to a disaster with literally one fateful misstep.

It may feel like professional gutter cleaning for your Seattle, WA home is a waste of money, especially when the entire neighborhood seems to like the DIY route, but it’s not. If you want the job to be done properly, efficiently, and safely, then hire an experienced crew to clear the debris twice a year.

After all, pros can also inspect gutters and downspouts in the process. They can give expert advice, so you can address existing issues accordingly.

Seamless Gutters Have No Seams

No gutter system is totally seamless. These gutters are made of straights shots of unmarred metal to eliminate the ridges that normally form in sectional pieces. They are made to order, so they can be manufactured according to the specifications of your house.

However, individual seamless gutter pieces can only be made from one end of a house to the other. They must be sealed when they meet at the corners; hence, the seams.

Nevertheless, seamless gutters require far less maintenance and are less likely to leak than their sectional counterparts. The higher cost they may command is worth the extra dollars if you think long term.

Tree Particles Are the Only Kind of Gutter Debris

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Pine needles, leaves, and twigs are some of the most notorious causes of clogging in gutters and downspouts. Buying gutter guards is an elegant solution to these pesky kinds of debris. Trimming nearby trees goes a long way, too.

But did you know that your gutter system may still develop blockages despite having no trees around? If you have asphalt shingles, your gutters may become full of granules over time. Shingles shed these fine particles as they age, so avoid having a false sense of security just because no greenery threaten to fill your roof with dead foliage.

Covered Gutters Are Maintenance-Free

In home improvement, there’s no such thing as maintenance-free. Many building materials and designs are immune to ordinary forms of damage, but they only make gutters and downspouts more resistant to wear and tear. A covered, rustproof gutter system still needs occasional TLC if it’s to perform and last as advertised.

There’s much to learn about gutters, so take the time and effort to understand how they work. Only then you can carry out effective maintenance initiatives to prolong their service life for the benefit of your entire home.

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