Three Major Factors You Need to Consider When Doing a Test Drive

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Out of all the things that you need to do when buying a car, doing a test drive is probably the most important one. With all the features that manufacturers add to their car’s design, doing a test drive should be a must. However, most people think that doing a test drive is not necessary, especially since the car is new. But with so many features added on new vehicles, you might no longer feel familiar about it. Features, such as lane-keeping and turn-assist, are just a few of the features that were not available a couple of years ago.

If you want a car that runs on an engine, it is a must that you try driving one to know how it feels when you are on the road. To help make things easier for you, here are a few things that you need to watch out for when doing a test drive.


Before taking it out on a test drive, you need to take a good look around it first. You need to check if the paintwork matches or if all the surface textures in the metallic paint look smooth. Do you see any signs of respray? Also, check if the tires and wheels are in good condition. Looking at all these things will ensure that the owner or dealership maintains it well. However, this is only applicable if you are buying second-hand cars. Purchasing a new vehicle from a Nissan dealer in Auckland will give you fewer chances of encountering any issues with their external parts.


You need to look for any signs of wear and tear in the exterior. Check if there are threadbare carpets inside the car. Also, see if the driver’s seat shows any signs of sagging. You can let dust balls or spillage marks pass for the meantime. Hiring a professional valet can quickly fix any minor issues.


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Before you start with the ignition, you need to take the time to check the oil. Use the dipstick and see if the level is right. Having an excessive amount of oil means that there is a recent emergency top-up. Meanwhile, having too low oil can tell you that the dealership does not maintain the car well. See if you are comfortable with the vehicle. Do you fit in the seat? Can you manoeuvre the car well? You need to think about your level of comfort when using it in the next five years. You should also try driving it over a bumpy road and see how it rides. Checking the controls is crucial to know if you can easily manoeuvre it on the road.

These are the top three things that you need to check when taking a car out for a test drive. You need to have a checklist before you even arrive at the dealership. List everything that you are looking for in a vehicle so that you will not forget anything. See if all its feature operates smoothly, too. Doing so will ensure that everything will go smoothly once you are on the road.