Top Reasons to Involve Your Kids in House Hunting



There is some sort of an unwritten agreement among parents when it comes to house hunting: leave the children out of it. Finding a new place is stressful enough. Throwing in a few children who may throw a few tantrums themselves is the last thing anyone needs. But leaving them out of the process could be a grave mistake.

Moving to a new place is often the single, most overwhelming source of stress among kids. The transition is often too much for them to bear: leaving their friends, going to a different school, being the new kid on the block, etc. If you delay the new-home talks until it is time to pack, you might end up with unhappy, unforgiving children. They might not understand your reasons for leaving them out and might feel betrayed by the ones they trust the most.

Involve your kids in the process of finding house and land packages around Whittlesea and keep your sanity with these tips:

Start with the Internet

Share with your children your plans of moving to a new place. Then ask them if they could help you in looking at potential houses — beginning with what you can browse online. Be clear and specific on what you are looking for, so they will feel a sense of purpose in their search. Help them filter browsing by, say, leaving the page at house and land packages in and around Whittlesea, Victoria.

In addition, ask them what they like and do not like from the houses, so they would feel that they have a say in the process, easing out feelings of ‘not being involved’ or ‘being left out of the picture’. It is important to know their preferences, so they can be comfortable with the new environment and adjust easily.

Take them to house visits

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This would make your plan to move more real to your children, easing them from anxieties of not knowing where they are going later. But do not take them to every house visit. That is the recipe for an insane home hunt. It is best to take them in the final stages of your home search when you are just looking at two to three shortlisted properties.

Observe proper etiquette during house visits. Do not let your kids be too overly attached with houses by telling them right off the bat that your final home choice would be based on your family’s needs.

Give them activities

To give them greater ownership of the home buying process, assign some activities or tasks to them. For instance, have them take pictures or list down details, such as the number of rooms, the availability of outdoor space, the size of the kitchen and others. Ask the realtor about their policy when it comes to snapping photos. You can likewise allow your kids to play at the local playground or drive them up to a nearby school. This will help them be at ease in a new environment.

Do not leave your children out of the home hunting process, as their needs, ideas and preferences can help you make a good decision. Before you know it, you will be buying a house and land package in one of the best communities in Victoria.

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