Types of Specialty Printing Inks

Printer ink jet cartridge close up

Printer ink jet cartridge close upMost business owners realise the essence of printing in their marketing efforts. Few, however, appreciate their need for professional printing. As such, most will invest in high-end printers and start churning their marketing prints. With time, they often realise that their prints are ineffective and that they are lagging behind their competitors.

This is primarily because printing services in Australia involve different elements, which most people disregard or do not even know about. One of these elements is the broad range of printing inks available. Other than the black and sometimes coloured inks, there are different specialty inks used to create a variety of effects on your prints. Here are some of the common specialty ink options.

Glow-in-the-Dark Inks

These will make a significant difference for business prints like posters and brochures for dimly lit events and businesses. These include clubs, bars, restaurants, cinemas, and candle-lit formal dinners and night-time events. Glow-in-the-dark inks will make your messages stand out in the midst of the darkness and hence make your marketing efforts efficient.

Colour-Changing Inks

These inks will change colours under different environmental conditions. Thermochromic inks are the conventional colour-changing inks available for marketing. These change colour with a variation of temperature. Hydrochomic inks, on the other hand, will change colour with moisture variation while photochromic ones change with lighting alterations.

Raised Inks

These inks are lifted from your printed surface. They enhance the visibility of your message while allowing your target market to use their sense of touch to perceive your message. Raised inks were exclusively used for Braille for the blind in the past. Using the inks for your adverts will help you also reach the blind in your target market and hence increase your sales. The inks can be used for magazine adverts, promotional items, brochures and annual reports.

Scratch-Off Inks

Person holding a gift card and tabletThese are used on promotional items such as handouts and gift cards where the target user should scratch a top layer to reveal a hidden message. With the rise in raffles and lotteries for product promotion, scratch-off inks are now an essential part of marketing. Using conventional inks for these applications usually results in the blurring of the hidden message with the scratching.

Scratch and Sniff Inks

Your prints cannot get more interactive than with scratch and sniff inks. The surface of these inks is scratched to release a scent, which is guaranteed to get everyone in your target market talking. These inks are mostly used by businesses dealing with perfumes, soaps, flower and any products for which a pleasant scent is paramount. There are different techniques used to customise your scent to represent your brand.

The above types of specialty inks will undoubtedly transform your prints from ordinary paper and ink to outstanding works of art. Since they will set your prints apart, they are your best bet to remaining memorable among your target market. Thankfully, the specialty inks are not insanely expensive. They will generally cost only a few dollars more than your ordinary printing inks.