What Are the Requirements for Immigration to the UK?

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Non-UK residents may require some permission for them to set foot in the UK. On the other hand, citizens of the European Union will only need their passport to enter and visit the UK.

At the turn of 2014, citizens of Qatar, Oman, and the UAE were allowed to obtain an Electronic Visa Waiver. Through this system, residents of these countries can visit the UK for up to six months even without a visa. If staying for more than six months, it is the time that they have to produce a visa for their extended stay.

UK Visa Application

The first step to take to produce a UK visa is to apply online through the British Government site. You will also need to make an appointment at the British consulate in your country.

They offer different types of visa for different purposes. Applicants can get a visa to study, to work or to settle for good. After choosing the type of visa for your travel purpose to the UK, you will register for an account at the British Government website, fill out an application form and pay online. After completing payment, you can print the form and make an appointment at any UK visa application centre.

An application for a UK Visa requires the necessary documents, such as your travel documents, passport-size photo, financial documents to prove economic capacity like bank statements, confirmation of legal residence for applicants living in a country where the passport is not issued, employment details and workplace registration documents for business-owners.

Visa applications may take up to eight weeks for approval or rejection. It is very important for applicants to comply with the procedures set by the British Government around three months before your travel date so that you will be able to carry out the process in a smooth manner and complete it on time without any issues.

UK Immigration Information

Migrating to the UK is a challenging process, and not many people are able to comply with this. Aside from the various requirements, applicants may seek help from solicitor firms in London to assist you with the process in case you get confused.

Applicants will also take a tough Life in the UK exam, which lasts for 45 minutes. This test procedure will assess your capacity to live in the UK. You have to provide correct answers to 75% of the questions. Some common questions revolve around Britain’s present social life, England’s history and political knowledge. You also need to pass the English language test.

Acceptance of UK Immigration Application

Immigration control officer will arrival stamp in the passport

People who have been living or have lived in the UK for five straight years, and have not left the country for more than 450 days in that five years are at a bigger advantage if they are applying for immigration in the UK. The British Government requires a permanent residence permit within the following year after the application, and you are not allowed to travel for more than 90 days in a year.

Another criterion that assessors look into is the applicant’s intent to spend the rest of their life in the UK. Additionally, applicants are at least knowledgeable of any of the English, Welsh or Scottish languages, have no criminal records whatsoever and can pay for the application fee. Some people also become a British citizen by virtue of marriage. Anyone above the age of 18 and has married a British citizen may also apply to become a British citizen.

Becoming a British citizen has a lot of benefits and perks, but applying to become one is also a challenging endeavour. Only those who are serious about their application can push through until the last steps of the process.

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