What Is Cost of Installing Garage Door?

garage door installation

Homeowners who need to install garage roller doors in Cairns and other parts of Queensland might find it cheaper to hire a contractor than other places in the country.

It costs an average of $45 per hour for garage door installation in the state. By contrast, residents in Western Australia pay the highest labor fee at an average of $60 per hour. Contractors in New South Wales and Victoria charge $52.50 per hour and $56 per hour on average, respectively. The actual cost of labor varies based on the size and type of materials for installation.

Different Rates for Services

When asking for quotes from different contractors, most of them might charge at least $300 for installing a regular door. The price can be more or less expensive, depending on the type of garage door. Roller, tilted, and sectional doors comprise the three common types. A roller door can cost at least $500, which brings the total cost to $800 without accessories and other additional features.

On the other hand, sectional doors can cost between $2,000 and $6,000, including the door and cost of labor. If you need to motorize it and add accessories, you should expect the price to be much higher. For instance, just adding an automatic opener and remote control system can increase your overall expenses by at least $300.

Repairs and Replacement

garage repair

The cost of repairs or replacement for garage doors will depend on the type of problem. If you need a substitute for a flyscreen on internal doors, you could spend at least $200 for the professional labor alone. An off-track sliding door can cost $350 to fix, while you could pay $500 for replacing an old garage door with a new one.

Residents who need to adjust a door’s size, install locks and handles should expect to pay around $220. That’s why it’s essential to know the size of your garage to avoid spending on height or width adjustments. Sizes among different doors vary although a typical single door measures 2.4 meters wide by 2.1 meters high.

Different Door Styles

A contractor can also charge their rate based on the type of door installation. Double doors will cost more to buy and install than single doors. The type of material, however, will affect the purchase price of a garage door.

For instance, a single garage door made from solid wood or timber could be more expensive than a double door made from aluminum or steel. Some types of aluminum doors can be just as stylish as wooden doors, but you should expect to pay a slightly higher upfront price for buying one.

While hourly rates in Queensland are lower than in most states, it’s possible to pay a higher price when you want to install custom doors. Some contractors can charge per project instead of an hourly fee, while others can charge a flat rate despite having a smaller garage door installation. Ask for quotes from as many contractors as possible to know your best option.