What You Need to Know About Liquid Ring Pump Vacuum

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A liquid ring vacuum refers to a piece of machinery that uses a suction mechanism to move the air in or out of an object. It is also commonly used in different industries and can use water, oil, or any other types of liquid. It is also said that a ring vacuum pump is more efficient than other types of industrial pumps. There are also many companies that manufacture vacuum pumps according to the need.

This type of industrial machinery is said to have been invented in the early 20th century. As mentioned, a liquid ring pump is commonly used in different industrial applications such as drawing groundwater and vapor recovery. Other applications include:

  • Mold formation for egg cartons and other packing supplies
  • Petroleum distillation
  • Sucking non-condensable gases
  • Removing water from press felts and slurry
  • Handling dry and wet gases

How liquid ring pump vacuums work

It is said that the early version of a liquid ring pump vacuum was originally created back in the early 1900s by a German company called Siemens-Schuckert. Since then, it has evolved into what it is known nowadays. Also, this machine is available in multi-stage and single functions.

How a liquid ring pump vacuum works are basically simple. First of all, a rotor will be placed in a cylinder and then added with liquid. It will then work similarly to a washing machine (in spinning motion). While the liquid rotates on the sides, the hole or gap left in the middle will hold gas that is drawn from the pump’s inlet port. The compressed air coming from the hole in the center will then be discharged through the port.

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Different types of liquid ring pump vacuums

Basically, all types of liquid ring pump vacuum are the same. However, this also has different varieties, which are the following:

Once through

This refers to the type of liquid ring vacuum pump wherein the water is fed into the machine continuously and disposed back into the pump. However, it is important that the water or any liquid applied here is cleaned thoroughly before disposal. Also, among common issues of using a once-through liquid ring vacuum pump include the water and the water disposal costs.

On the one hand, using a once-through pump system is cheaper and simpler to use. On the contrary, consumption of liquid can be high, hence it may not be as efficient, and conservation is not an issue at all.

Partial recovery

Meanwhile, using a partial recovery liquid ring vacuum pump means some fluids will be left in the pump for a specific amount of time. While some liquids are pumped out of the machine, the remaining liquid stored inside the machine will continuously feed the equipment for replenishment.

A partial recovery liquid ring pump vacuum is also easy to use and cheap, unlike using a recirculation system. Also, it can be more efficient to use because its liquid consumption is relatively low.

Full recovery

Lastly, this type of liquid ring vacuum pump stores liquid in a closed component where it is continuously replenished and recycled. It is commonly used for high vapor/gas services. Also, sealing liquid consumption is at a minimum. On the contrary, the cost of maintenance of the system may be high as well.

In choosing a liquid ring pump vacuum, make sure to ask an expert first. It is important to know which one will suit your needs.

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